Voting Update

Votes continue to be cast at the Stoa ahead of Thursday’s general election. Raj was the first to notice that my voting software wasn’t registering Green votes, but that’s now been rectified, and the Greens have pulled into a respectable fourth place, behind Labour, the Lib Dems and the Undecideds, but comfortably ahead of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, the Legalise Cannabis party down in Worthing, and the people (well, person) who reckons that she’s likely to spoil her ballot paper.

Labour: Eighteen
Lib Dems: Nine
Undecided: Four
Greens: Three
Tory: One
Legalise Cannabis: One
Spoil Ballot Paper: One

Turning attention from the global to the local, we have four votes so far for Labour’s Antonia Bance here in Oxford West and Abingdon, and no Stoa-readers confessing to a desire to cast a vote for the incumbent Lib Dem, Dr Evan Harris, though one of the Undecideds conceivably might break for Harris when push eventually comes to shove, as it always does.

There’s also a strong implication from the geographics of the response so far that no Scottish people resident in Scotland read the Virtual Stoa. Perhaps the internet doesn’t extend that far North. Perhaps it does, but the Scots don’t know how to read. Your guesses are welcome, and are doubtless at least as good as mine.

Keep voting, and, when you do, details of constituency and candidate would, as ever, be helpful.

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