The Voting at the Stoa

Votes continue to come in for the Vote at the Stoa, the only authoritative test of public opinion in the run-up to the great festival of bourgeois democracy that the Great British Public will celebrate on 5 May (Karl Marx’s 187th birthday, since you asked). May Day, of all days, is a good day to assess the balance of class forces, which I do with a running tally of the votes cast so far:

Labour: Fourteen
Lib Dems: Seven
Tories: One
Legalise Cannabis: One
Undecided: Three
Probably Spoil Ballot Paper (Owing to Local Lib Dem being Proud to be an Evangelical Christian): One

So a big Labour lead is beginning to open up, which suggests the People’s Party’s heading for 500+ seats. The real interest in these figures, if we disregard the Undecideds, is that there’s a fierce contest for the bronze medal position going on, with the Official Opposition battling it out with Legalise Cannabis and Probably Spoil Ballot Paper (Owing to Local Lib Dem being Proud to be an Evangelical Christian).

On the subject of Legalise Cannabis, I’m happy to confirm that candidate in East Worthing and Shoreham, Chris Baldwin, is not the same as the Chris Baldwin who’s voting for Labour’s Paul Truswell in Pudsey. Glad we’ve cleared that one up. Though if the other Chris Baldwin were to show up and declare his voting intention, he could open up a clear lead over both the Tories and the PSBP (OTLLDBPTBAEC) party.

Keep voting, please, and, when you do, I’d like you to mention the constituency and the candidate for whom you’ll be casting your vote on Thursday.

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