My Vote’s A Secret…

Between me and the ballot-box. And the readers of the Virtual Stoa, of course. Thanks to all of those who have deposited their preferences in the urn that is a couple of the comments threads below. The running totals are currently as follows:

Labour: Eleven
Lib Dems: Seven
Tories: One
Legalise Cannabis: One
Undecided: Two

So congratulations to the Tories for pulling level with Legalise Cannabis (though the H&K calculator still won’t give ’em any seats on that share of the vote), and also to Chris in Cheadle for moving out of the undecided column and casting the Labour vote we all deep down knew he would.

Keep voting, please, UK voters, with details of your home constituency, preferred candidate, and anything else you want to tell us about the responsible manner in which you approach one of the heaviest burdens of democratic citizenship.

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