The Votes of the Stoa

In the only vote that really matters, and what is also an unimpeachably scientific poll of public opinion, the readers of the Virtual Stoa have – so far – deposited their votes as follows:

Labour: Seven
Lib Dems: Five
Legalise Cannabis: One
Undecided: Two

And (puts Peter Snow costume on) if this result were to be repeated nationwide, and if Martin Baxter‘s forecasting model is a good one, then this will generate a Labour majority of 304, with 475 Labour MPs, 146 Lib Dems, and no Tories. The excellent Hill & Knowlton general election site by contrast forecasts 470 LAB, 156 Lib Dems, 0 CON, 20 Others (though they might not be Legalise Cannabis: sorry, Mike!).

Please carry on voting in the comments, and, when doing so, please state your name, your preferred party, and the name of the candidate and the constituency in which you’ll be casting your vote, as well as any reasons for doing so that you want to share with the rest of us.

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