Tim Collins Watch

I haven’t been paying attention for a while, I’m afraid. Apologies for that. So Tim’s redone his front page, finally removing the Hague-era “common sense revolution” iconography.

But what I like most of all, though, is his first campaign pledge:

  • “I will make sure we stop paying out hundreds of millions for people who abuse our shambolic asylum system, abandon plans to scrap the pound and use the money saved to put an extra 340 police officers in Cumbria’s towns and villages.”
  • I think that’s lovely.Anyway, you should all scurry over and sign up over there to “show your support for Tim Collins’ campaign”, because, if you do, you’ll receive “special messages from Tim”. I can’t wait.

    Tim’s defending a majority of 3,147 in Westmorland and Lonsdale against the Lib Dems, so he’ll need all the encouragement he can get.

    In other Tim Collins news, Tim Collins, a big Doctor Who fan, has praised the new series, saying that it’s “fantastic”. And a very disloyal P. Schooling of London has written to the BBC [scroll down for the vox pops] to say, “I am horrified to discover that I have something in common with Tim Collins”.

    UPDATE [13.4.05]: Nick Barlow’s watching Mr Collins, too, and doesn’t like what he sees.

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