I’m back.

A group of us academic types were off in Libya last week, seeing things like this, this, this, this and this, seeing all kinds of images of Colonel Gaddafi, and eating lots and lots of Libyan Soup. (Recipe by Delia here.)

It was all splendid.

And we all seemed to manage to cope for eight or nine days without booze admirably, and with no funny and/or distressing side effects.


Recent additions to the blogroll include Actually Existing, which promises intelligent general-election-related discussion, Aufheben, Bloggers4Labour, Corridor of Uncertainty (good name for a cricket blog), MediaWatchWatch (which keeps an eye on ignorant bigots [googlebombers: note new URL]), No Concept of Liberty (blogging from Singapore, which may help to explain the name), and the splendid Where There Were No Doors, from Jim Bliss.

Oh, and in case anyone hadn’t already noticed, British Spin is back, after a period of quiescence.

Royal Wedding Fun

Can it get funnier? Yes, it can. Yesterday gave us “Media Barred From Royal Wedding“, but what I liked in particular about that BBC page was the list of related “key stories” down the right-hand column, which nicely sets the tone: Royal wedding ‘legal’, Panorama: Lawful impediment?, Prince not feeling snubbed – aide, No best man at Charles’ wedding, Prince and Camilla change venue.

Teenage Girls in School Uniforms

I’m not usually one to comment on teenage girls’ fashion matters, but having greatly enjoyed yesterday’s Daily Mail (“legal aid… lottery money… lawyers high on the hog… judges bereft of common sense… driven a coach and horses through school uniform rules… Cherie Blair… human rights… political correctness gone mad…” et cetera ad nauseam), it seems to me that this is a great victory for stylish dressing: Ms Begum’s outfit in the photos yesterday was quite fine, and the approved Islamic girls’ uniform at Denbigh High School was grim.

I’m not sure that the relevant photos are online. If any regular reader of the Virtual Stoa does, however, spend their days trawling the web for images of girls in school uniforms and finds the right pics, though, do let me know.