DSW Erratum

Hmm. In 2003 and 2004 I’ve commemorated Hanns Eisler, socialist composer, born 6 July 1898, on this day. But I may have been making a mistake, and I think that he probably died on 6 September. So he is being reallocated to a different section of the Dead Socialist Watch.

This, while embarrassing, is not administratively inconvenient, as I made him share #17 in the roster with REW, above. She will now remain at #17, and Cde Eisler can have a brand new number of his own when the time comes.

The Digested Read Digested

I’ve just been introduced to a fine shortened version of the argument of Plato’s Republic, attributed to some nineteenth-century Leibniz scholar or other whose name eludes me for the present. It goes something like this:

– You will agree that the whole is greater than the part.
– Yes, O Socrates.
– But earlier we showed that the part was greater than the whole.
– Indeed you did, O Socrates.
– Therefore the Philosophers should rule in the City.
– How could anything else be the case, O Socrates?

Naming Names

I’m very pleased to read over at the Normblog that “[A] baby born in [a] Baghdad maternity hospital yesterday has been named Intikhabat – the Arabic word for “Elections”…” That seems to be a fine name, if not quite in the same scale of excellence as Tractorina, for enthusiastic Soviet babies.

My niece was born on the day of the Good Friday agreement in 1998. There was talk of calling her “Trimble”, though sadly the suggestion didn’t make it as far as the birth certificate.

New Party

Is this man the leader of a major new national political formation?

Robert Kilroy-Silk launched his ridiculous new vehicle today, which should entertain us over the days and weeks to come. And according to the Electoral Commission’s page for Veritas, someone called Anthony Bennett is simultaneously the Leader, the Nominating Officer (whatever that is) and the Campaigns Officer for the new party. I’d never heard of him, but quickly found this image, above, which may very well be our chap. Who’d have thought that Kilroy might be in league with a Eurocrazy UKIP metric martyr type?

[Image found here.]

UPDATE [3.2.05]: Today’s Guardian has more.

UPDATE [6.2.05]: And Nick Barlow reports that Bennett’s a member of Christian Voice, that bunch of ignorant bigots.


I’m concerned that all four verses are about to disappear from the internetweb. So here they are again. Sing along please, drink in hand. Double points to anyone who knows the verses in Irish.

Why spend your leisure bereft of pleasure,
Amassing treasure, why scrape and save?
Why look so canny at every penny?
You’ll take no money within the grave.
Landlords and gentry with all their plenty
Must still go empty where’er they’re bound.
So to my thinking, we’d best be drinking,
Our glasses clinking in round on round.

King Solomon’s glory, so famed in story,
Was far outshone by the lily’s guise.
But hard winds harden both field and garden;
Pleading for pardon, the lily dies.
Life’s but a bauble of toil and trouble,
The feathered arrow, once shot ne’er found.
So lads and lasses, because time passes,
Come fill your glasses for another round.

The huxter greedy he blinds the needy
Their straits unheeding, shouts, “money down!”
His special vice is his fancy prices,
For a florin’s value he’ll charge a crown.
With hump for trammel, the Scripture’s camel
Missed the needle’s eye and so came to ground.
Why pine for riches while still you’ve stitches
To hold your britches up — another round!

The schooner trading ‘tween Spain and Aden
Returns well laden with oil and corn.
And from Gibraltar her course she’ll alter
And steer for Malta and the Golden Horn.
With easy motion they sail life’s ocean
With ne’er a notion they’ll run aground.
It’s nought but miming, so ends my rhyming
And still we’ve time in for another round!