Harry, cont.

Matthew Turner is doing a splendid job reminding us again and again that defenders of the monarchy must willingly accept that under certain not implausible circumstances Harry will become King, and will appoint the Prime Minister, dissolve Parliament, give consent to legislation, waste half an hour of the PM’s time every week, encourage, advise, and warn, etc., the whole Bagehotian shebang.

I think I’m happy to make his solo a duet, with a couple of caveats: first, to emphasise that Prince Charles is still my most-detested royal by quite a bit; second, to note that I’d still dislike the monarchy, obviously, even if all the members of the royal family were men and women of unimpeachable virtue and all-round human excellence devoted to the common good; and, third, to remark that nothing’s really changed this last week: we knew, or could easily guess, that the royal family in general and Prince Harry in particular are full of stupidity, ignorance and objectionably right-wing prejudices: all that’s happened this week is that we’ve got a nice new peg to hang things on, and some juicy photographs.

(There are matters of principle here, which can be debated dispassionately, but there’s also a political campaign to wage, and what that needs right now is the the spread of an attitude of naked contempt for monarchy and its political, economic and social supports. That’s what this post is contributing to.)

I will also join Matthew by quoting this passage that he found in the Independent, because it bears repetition:

“If the boys had got what they wanted when they went into the [costume] shop, Prince William might have been photographed trying to look like a black man in primitive clothing, while Harry would have been posing in the death’s-head uniform of the Waffen SS.”

And I’ll also point you to this post of Matthew’s, which provides a good example of just how blinkered apologists for aristocracy can be.The Virtual Stoa says: The Royal Family is a disgrace, it should be a criminal offence to use an aristocratic title, the public schools should be closed down, high taxes on land ownership should be introduced with (among other things) the aim of getting a significant proportion of the upper class to emigrate.

And, if need be, we should suspend the relevant provisions of the Human Rights Act in order to force such measures through: aristocrats and their apologists (both secular and ecclesiastical) opposed the ideology of human rights every step of the way from the eighteenth through to the twentieth centuries; they of all people have far less claim on the protection of a generous and expansive rights regime than the rest of us.

Monarchy shames us all, or it bloody well ought to, and the sooner we are rid of it in this (so-called) United (so-called) Kingdom the better for all of us.

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