Charlotte Street is Splendid

This, from yesterday, is lovely:

A friend of mine suggests a new left blog, using the following formula:a. There will be occasional analyses of safely canonical texts from the Left tradition.

b. He will, however, carefully eschew any Marxist or even radical left analyses of the contemporary world. No mention of class, inequality, exploitation, imperialism; most conspicuously, capitalism will be spared any thoroughgoing critique.

c. Most of his energies will instead be devoted to chasing a spectral entity called the �liberal-left� as it manifests itself, especially, in X newspaper, and in decrying the �pseudo-left� as manifest here there and everywhere.

d. He will be comfortable with his citation on the blogrolls of various right-wing groupuscules and assorted reactionary ranters.

e. He will defiantly maintain that he is the authentic custodian of radical thought.

Mark concludes: “I told him that although I would support his venture I could hardly commend its originality.”

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