Right-Wing News

Since we’re mostly focussing on Right-Wing Britons today, here’s another snippet, from the Guardian: [via]:

The Backbencher hears that Kilroy’s increasingly desperate search for a political home may be about to come to an end. Having been narrowly rejected by both the English Democrats and the New Party – a tax-cutting, British trucker-loving outfit whose logo depicts five blue people conducting a seance – Kilroy is apparently now hoping to lead a putative party called Veritas, set up by four disaffected members of the New Party’s national executive. The New Party “knows nothing about it” and Kilroy isn’t answering his mobile, but the Backbencher hopes to be able to confirm the wanderer’s latest perch shortly.

A moment of lucid reasoning from the English Democrats, as they realise that they shouldn’t touch RKS with the proverbial barge pole. Who’d have thought it?

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