Three of a Kind

Listening to British radio in general, Radio Four in particular, and the Today programme in particular in particular has a tendency, even over a fairly short period, to induce various forms of self-loathing. This morning’s 8am news bulletin provided a splendid exception, with a lead story about Prince Harry dressing up as a Nazi, followed by the news that Mark Thatcher’s pleading guilty, followed, shortly after that, by an interview with Michael Howard at his lying worst on the subject of burglars and householders and the significance of the difference – which he never defined with any precision – between “unreasonable” and “grossly disproportionate”. So I arose in a very good mood to go and make the first cups of coffee of the day.

(In normal circumstances, I’d add Charles Clarke, on after Howard, to this succession of jokers. But, in fact, Citizens Windsor, Thatcher and Howard are more ridiculous figures than Mr Clarke, and, on this occasion, the Home Secretary was being sensible.)

The Guardian points out that the theme of the party Prince Harry attended was “natives and colonials”. I know he’s supposed to be thick, but can it really be the case that he can’t read more than the first two letters of each word?

UPDATE [12.20pm]: What’s going on? Mel P has something sensible to say, for the second time in the space of a week. Have I changed? Has she? Is it some New Year’s Resolution to stop barking like a lunatic on her blog and/or in her columns? As I say, what’s going on?

UPDATE [12.40pm]: Jamie, (in common with Melanie), has good things to say, too, but focussing on Harry rather than Howard.

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