Self-Parody Alert!

From the people over at Media Watch UK, the organisation that seems to be devoted to (i) the memory of Mary Whitehouse and to (ii) keeping Jerry Springer The Opera off our screens. Here’s how their letter to the BBC ends:

Bearing in mind that there is already mounting public concern and an absence of any assurance regarding compliance, we believe that the decision to show ‘Jerry Springer The Opera’ should be urgently reconsidered at the highest level within the BBC. There must be other West End productions that would be more enjoyable and appreciated by a far greater number of licence-fee payers? Why not, for example, screen a seasonal pantomime, with well-known and liked television and radio personalities, currently showing at provincial theatres across the country?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have stayed up for a BBC2 pantomime last night. It would also (I observe) have been less suitable as the climax of an evening given over to Jerry Springer-themed programmes.

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