My Goodness

Here’s a snippet from Michael Howard’s speech on this, that and the other (see also here [pdf], and thanks to Matthew Turner for the links):

Third, we have to restore order to Britain. The decline of responsibility and the proliferation of so-called “human rights” have left us in a moral quagmire, unable to get a grip on rising crime and disorder.

Setting aside the fascist overtones to this kind of remark, and setting aside the question of whether crime and disorder are rising or not, my question’s this one: is this the first time a supposedly leading politician in this country has used a phrase as nasty as “so-called human rights” in what’s being billed as a major speech?UPDATE [5 minutes later]: Ah, I see that, in the manner of “political correctness gone mad”, this is a phrase Mr Howard is running with: he used it back in August, too, when I wasn’t paying attention, repeated it in November, and other Tories picked up on the direction that Tory rhetoric was going and dropped the phrase into their conference speeches. So I expect we can expect to hear quite a bit more of it. Yuck.

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