Wonderful, Horrible Photo

Matthew Turner has found a splendid photo of life at Magdalen College when Edward, Prince of Wales was in residence. I’m quite glad it’s not much like that anymore.

The text of the book he’s scanning it from makes reference to the College beagles, which don’t seem to exist any more, though there are other mentions of them on the worldwide internetweb here and here (and possibly here, too, in a piece about a future leading South African Communist written by the estimable Allison Drew, though it’s ambiguous as to whether the beagles referred to are in fact the Magdalen beagles or some other pack).

Let The Dead Bury Their Dead

Good to see Terry Eagleton in this week’s New Statesman make a point which isn’t made often enough: there really aren’t many (so-called) family (so-called) values on display in the New Testament, and it’s bewildering that the people who think of themselves as most concerned with what the Bible actually says should tend to be the ones who seem to think that it’s all gung-ho about the delights of domesticity and being nice to your relatives.

(For the title quote, try Matthew 8:18-22 or, better, Luke 9:57-62.)

Blogrolling, #2

Alexandra Samuel, who is one of the world’s finest Canadians (and a fellow member of the Harvard Government Department’s 1995 cohort), has started her own blog over at Otherwise Engaged.

It’ll probably be full of the kind of technogeekery that’s a bit too technogeeky for me, but then that’s the kind of technogeek that Alex is, and that I’m not. But do pay her a visit, and learn about how computers can participate in the building of Canadian social democracy, or whatever it is that (i) computers and (ii) Alex are doing these days.