The Virtual Stoa Reads The Budd Report (So You Don’t Have To)

There’s not a great deal of fun to be had with the Budd Report, except for three priceless paragraphs in the middle:

3.48. In her evidence to me Mrs Quinn referred to further conversations about the case. She said that there was a further conversation with Ms Casalme about a week after to one mentioned earlier in which Ms Casalme had told her again that the passport had not arrived and said that she “had friends who did not have friends” who got their passports more quickly than she did. According to Mrs Quinn she had mentioned this to Mr Blunkett, who said “She really should pipe down, we’ve made the calls. I’ll make them again.”3.49. I discussed this conversation with Mr Blunkett and he agreed that he had probably made the comment about piping down as that is the sort of expression he used; but he denied the second part of the quote. Any comment he made would have meant that he had taken up the general issue of the delays being made to reduce the back logs.

3.50. Mrs Quinn also referred to a conversation after ILR [=Indefinite Leave to Remain] had been granted. According to her evidence, Mr Blunkett said “I’m glad I could help.” Mr Blunkett agreed that he probably did say that; but he again had been referring to his general role in reducing backlogs. He had not meant that he had intervened in this case.

You can download the report as a pdf here, though, as I say, it’s not really worth it.

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