Mark Kaplan’s been having reveries about Oxford’s Jericho, the area of town I moved to about a month ago, in particular about Nellie’s delicatessen, which used to be there, but which isn’t any more.

And in one of those extraordinary coincidences, I first learned about the (non-)existence of this place earlier this week, when a colleague stopped to chat on the way into town, and when the subject of living in Jericho came up asked me whether a certain delicatessan was still around, and so on, and so forth.

Jericho’s an interesting part of town. I’ve linked before to this splendid site on Oxford suburbs, which has a wealth of information about the area; and I also spent half an hour or so last week browsing these pages, which are full of good things, including a splendid aerial photo section.

The first ever episode of Inspector Morse was filmed there, too, with a splendid performance from ex-Dr. Who Patrick Troughton playing the local resident weirdo.

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