Two Years of Dead Socialists

Jennie Lee, below, marks the completion of two years’ worth of Dead Socialists: the series began on 17 November 2002 with the commemoration of Robert Owen, who may very well be commemorated again tomorrow, if I find the time to post. Fifty nine Dead Socialists were commemorated in the first year, a further sixty nine were added in the 2003-4 session, and there are a similar number in my notes, awaiting appropriate festivities.

Which brings me on to my annual call for More Dead Socialists: please send me the names of those you’d like to see celebrated in this ever-popular featuer at the Virtual Stoa: we still have very few Dead Socialists from Latin America, Africa and Asia, and I’d like to see an ever-greater eclecticism in those who are singled out for Dead Socialist attention.

Make your nominations in the Comments, or email me privately.

UPDATE [8pm]: Three dozen new Dead Socialists suggested by readers: many thanks! Keep ’em coming!

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