Neglected Dead Socialists

Apologies also to the friends and families of David Widgery, Pier Paolo Pasolini, George Bernard Shaw, Lucio Colletti and Katayama Sen, who would have been celebrated in the Dead Socialist Watch over the last couple of weeks or so if only I’d been paying proper attention.

People who know far more about John Peel than I do (and who drink Pale Fizzy Lager) tell me that he should have been commemorated, too. That’s probably right, but if anyone can supply me with documentary evidence of Peel’s left-wing politics, apart from his well-known remark that DJs were a bunch of left-wingers, that’d be helpful.

(The main impact on my life that John Peel had, I’m afraid, was the theme music to Home Truths, which, along with the words, “And now, ‘Thought for the Day’…”, was far more effective at getting me out of bed immediately than any loud electronic alarm clock could ever manage to be.)

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