Crap Towns

So here’s another list of crap towns:

4-Glasgow and Edinburgh

What to make of this? I’m surprised to see Glasgow so high, which has always seemed to me to be a fine place, and I’ve always enjoyed visiting Nottingham, wihch I do about once a year, and which has very nice new trams these days. I dare say Edinburgh makes the list because the city pisses off significant groups of the kind of people who vote in this kind of poll rather than because it’s an all-things-considered crap town.The others are something of an unknown quantity to me, though I’ve heard bad things about Sunderland. (Can it be true, as has been alleged to me, that this city of 300,000 people doesn’t have a cinema? That seems very weird.) And I’m not sure that Clapham really counts as a town in its own right, though I’m happy to be corrected.

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