This is a substantially redundant advert, as I doubt there’s a Virtual Stoa reader out there who isn’t also a reader of the Normblog, but (if you aren’t) do tune in tomorrow for the start of Norm’s series on Marx and the State.

I tend to take the view that when Marx writes about the end of the state he either means something trivial (the state is an instrument for the violent suppression of one class at the hands of another, so when there’s a classless society there is, ipso facto, nothing that corresponds to the role of the state in class society), or else he means the end of something like the end or the absence of the specifically Hegelian state (though quite a lot then hinges, of course, on how much we pack into that notion, and I’m not quite sure how much I want to pack into it).

So I’ll be watching the series with great interest and, who knows?, may comment on it here.

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