Minimum Utopia

Yesterday I said that I thought that SIAW made a good point against Norm’s claim that the left cannot die “so long as there’s brutality and injustice, desperate poverty and inequality, to be fought”. (Follow the links to read both the claim and the point.)

Norm has questioned that judgment in late-night email, pointing out that he wasn’t trying to offer any kind of complete account of what the left is and why or whether it’s dead in that post, and reminding me that he has a far more developed account of related matters over at his essay on “Minimum Utopia: Ten Theses“, first published in the Socialist Register volume for 2000.

Since it’s a splendid essay, I’m going to urge all of you to trot over and have a read. It’s not long, and it’s conveniently divided into bite-sized chunks (or “theses”) for easy digestion. And it really is very, very good indeed.

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