Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Responding to this, I’ve just sent in this pretty arbitrary ranking:

1. Macbeth
2. Hamlet
3. King Lear
4. Othello

With the caveats that I agree that Macbeth is really difficult to put on stage, so works better on cassette tape or film (Throne of Blood) than in any staged version I’ve seen, and that Verdi’s Otello is a really fine opera, and I wouldn’t want my (comparatively) low ranking to suggest otherwise…

Favourite Shakespeare play of all: The Winter’s Tale.
Shakespeare play I like that no-one else seems to: Coriolanus.

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  1. You made a great choice there. I’d put Othello on 3rd and King Lear on fourth place, but otherwise I agree with these 4 perfectly!
    Yes, reading or wathcing the plays seems to go down less well than listening to these great dramas on audio book.

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