Return to Form

Nick Cohen’s piece in today’s Observer — on Mr Blair and Mr Berlusconi — is a far more satisfying piece of work, so good for him.

It’s also further evidence of the amount of time that Cohen’s spending reading the blogs: the New Statesman piece mentioned below referred to a Chris Bertram Crooked Timber post on the laughable John Laughland, an earlier NS piece praised Harry’s Place, he’s popped up in Oliver Kamm’s recently-disabled Comments box, and here is is with polite words to say about my friend and colleague Mike Smithson’s

Bloggers sometimes navel-gaze on the subject of the relationship between the mainstream and the blogmedia: I’d say it’s an excellent sign for the vitality of the World of Blogs that one of the very small number of really excellent political commentators working in the British press today — no, sod it, the only really excellent political commentator — is choosing to use the resource we collectively provide as much as he is.

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