Just Dead Socialist Watch

Nick and Raj and also Norm have severally informed the World of Blogs that Paul Foot has died. (Perhaps they get up earlier than I do in the morning or something, or live in different timezones.) So there’s another Dead Socialist with which to reckon.

Me, I liked his early stuff best, The Politics of Harold Wilson and, especially, Race and Immigration in British Politics.

The Guardian’s obit is here, though it probably won’t tell you much you didn’t know about him before.

UPDATE [23.7.2004]: The Guardian’s obit is, in fact, here. The link above was just to a news item. I liked the bit about how, from the early 1960s onwards, “Neither his politics nor his hairstyle was to change…” And I should add The Rise of Enoch Powell to the list of really good Foot books, and I’m not sure why I missed it off first time around.

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