Have You Read Them All?

There’s a fine Gregorian Rant, posted yesterday, that reflects on the important matter of owning lots of books.

Greg also provides a snippet and a link to one of Myles na Gopaleen’s funniest essays:

‘Popular Handling–Each volume to be well and truly handled, four leaves in each to be dog-eared, and a tram ticket, cloak-room docket or other comparable article inserted in each as a forgotten book-mark. Say, £1 7s 6d. Five per cent discount for civil servants.”Premier Handling-Each volume to be thoroughly handled, eight leaves in each to be dog-eared, a suitable passage in not less than 25 volumes to be underlined in red pencil, and a leaflet in French on the works of Victor Hugo to be inserted as a forgotten book-mark in each. Say, £2 17s 6d. Five per cent discount for literary university students, civil servants and lady social workers.’

There’s more: just think what you get for £7 18s 3d? Seeing that again after too many years made me very happy this morning.

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