Colonel Mustard in the Library with the… um… iPod?

From today’s Independent on Sunday (p.14):

A woman is awaiting trial in Memphis, Tennessee, for battering her boyfriend to death with an iPod. Arleen Mathers was most put out when she discovered that Brad Pulaski, worried about her illegal downloading of songs, had erased 2,000 of her tracks. So she allegedly took her digital music player and bludgeoned him about the face and chest and estimated 40 to 80 times.

Just below it there’s another fine story about a man who went into a restaurant in Sweden saying that he was the “alcohol inspector from the local council and that he needed to check the alcohol content of each drink they served… Only when his investigations began to involve slurred speech, loss of muscle control and throwing things around did the owners realise he might not be all he claimed.”

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