The Lefterator…

… or automatic left-wing cant generator is clearly a very useful tool. Here’s a sample:

Nevertheless, Donald Rumsfeld’s worldview leads our attention to the police state which has come to pass. It appears that the pro-Sharon neoconservative cabal represents the crushing of internal dissent in order to propagate the predatory imperialist aims outlined by the crypto-fascist Project for a New American Century. It is not heartening that the unstated purpose of this war represents the repudiation of international law in order to bring about an act of international violence that exceeds even those of the “liberal” Bill Clinton. This suggests that the Pax Americana of the future can be seen in the light of the apparent fabrications which lead to the theocrat Ashcroft’s suspension of our civil rights.

Now that’s not bad at all, as automatically-generated leftist cant goes. I could do with one of those.[via SIAW, I think]

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