More of the Same

Some stolen from here [and scroll down a bit], some from here, some from elsewhere.

a. Klingons or Clangers? The Clangers, of course.
b. Tarkovsky or Tarka the Otter? Tarkovsky, but not as much as other people no doubt.
c. The Clash or The Sex Pistols? The Clash, by more than a mile.
d. Garcia Marquez or Vargas Llosa? I like GM a lot, not read any VL, I think.
e. Red Sox or Yankees? Go Sox!
f. Beer or Wine? Beer.
g. Virgil or Homer? Homer.
h. Bitter or (pale fizzy) lager? Bitter.
i. Rousseau or Voltaire? JJR (obviously)
j. Kant or Hegel? Hegel.
k. Plato or Aristotle? Aristotle.
l. California or Moscow? Moscow. (If it were just Northern CA, it might be different.)
m. John or Paul? Neither did anything much good after 1970, so I’ll duck the choice.

Disclose your own preferences in Comments (except for you Voltaireans out there, who can sod off)…

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