Bloomsday Blogging!

Today is, of course, the hundredth anniversary of the day in Dublin on which James Joyce received the first sexual favour for which he didn’t pay, a handjob from Nora Barnacle. And the day was, of course, commemorated in Joyce’s great novel Ulysses, which is still, I’m reasonably sure, the book that has given me the greatest pleasure over the longest period in my life, and which, I’m rather confident, will continue to do so.

(It’s high time I gave it another reread, in fact; or perhaps this time around I should buy one of the two audiobooks that have just gone on sale, and listen to it that way. Good idea.)

An utterly fantastic book.

UPDATE [2pm]: Nick points out to me that Google has a Bloomsday-themed logo:

UPDATE [4pm]: The Guardian has its own Bloomsday Blog

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