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Stuart Hampshire, philosopher, Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, and socialist, died at a very distinguished 89. Josh Cherniss has details, and there’s an obit in the Telegraph, which, of course, has details of his war-work.

[Via Norm.]

UPDATE [16.6.2004]: From the Guardian‘s obit:

He was always an ardent socialist, typically backing Renee’s decision to give away her entire inheritance, bar a few French chairs. He and Renee managed to go on being an eccentric, non-establishment couple, even while promoting the Oxford establishment. Renee, who had always been involved in leftwing activities, insisted on periodically throwing open the Wadham garden to local children and hiring a donkey to give them rides, while Hampshire was often to be seen wrestling a donkey into his car boot in the college car-park.

Was Hampshire really “often to be seen wrestling a donkey into his car boot”? The mind boggles.

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