Digging Deeper, then Passing Up the Spade

Those absurd creatures from the English Democrats have reiterated their intention to initiate legal action against Chris Lightfoot:

Subject: English Democrats Party – comments which are offensiveWe advise you to remove offensive statements relating to the English Democrats Party. We have downloaded the offensive copy from your web-site and intend to prosecute you directly and your ISP if you do not remove the slanderous comments that you have published on your site.

We give notice that should the offensive material not be deleted from your site by 10.00am 4th June, we will instigate proceedings. against you.

C. Constable
English Democrats Party

Christine Constable is the vice-chair of the party, and is top of their candidates’ list in the North West region.Chris has responded by posting the relevant legal text, which explains why “it was of the highest public importance that a democratically electable political party should be open to uninhibited public criticism and since the threat of a civil action for defamation would place an undesirable fetter on the freedom to express such criticism, it would be contrary to the public interest for it to have any right at common law to maintain an action for damages for defamation”. And he also has this to say to his critics:

There is no part of Englishness which consists in suppressing dissent by threats, and no-one who does so has any claim to speak for England. I make no claim for English exceptionalism; the same, I believe, could be said for almost any country. But we are faced with an ugly crowd who do not belong here, and yet purport to speak for me and fifty million and more others while what they have to say would disgrace a pigsty.

Couldn’t agree more.

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