How to Interact with Morons

Just as John “Mars and Venus” Gray must rue the day he decided to fuck with Gavin Sheridan, so too the wretched, despicable English Democrats (who are running candidates in the Euro elections) will rue the day they — one of them, at any rate, a chap called Steve Uncles (though there can’t be many of them) — decided to fuck with Chris Lightfoot, after he read a chunk of their manifesto, reckoned that he thought they appeared to be “some sort of quasi-fascist mob”, and said so on his blog.

Moral support for Chris has come from Lib Dem Nick and Tory Anthony, making the slagging-off of the English Democrats a genuinely cross-party effort.

The moral of this story: blogreaders who make unreasonable threats of legal action against blogwriters deserve all the shit that can get thrown at them.

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