That’ll Be The Day

Norm’s got a way with words, responding to A Philosopher Abroad (who has recently linked to the Stoa, and been linked to in return):

I mean no disrepect here, but I would like to express the following point with some force and vividness. Consequently, try to imagine this day: the great George Jones seated beside the comparably great Merle Haggard, and on the other side of each of them the ghosts of that even greater pair, Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill, these four driving a large lawnmower through the centre of Denver, Colorado, in search of a drink. Until it happens is how long anyone who’s interested will be waiting for me to apologize for declining to lend my voice and my energies to a political effort that, had it succeeded, would have resulted in prolonging the life of a regime of torture, wanton murder and daily barbarism. And they’d still be waiting after that.

When it comes to keeping up with the George Joneses, I think he’s referring to the country music legend rather than the political editor of the Daily Telegraph. But either would make for a splendid spectacle, along with Merle and the shades of Karl and John Stuart on this dramatic quest for booze.

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