Art Tragedy

It’s very sad that much of Charles Saatchi’s art collection has gone up in smoke, irreplaceable blow to our national heritage, etc., etc., but it did bring to mind one of my favourite Letters to the Editor of recent years, this one directed to the Editor of Private Eye, and published in Eye 1013 in October 2000:

Sir,It may not have escaped your notice that the current exhibition being held at the Saatchi Gallery in north London bears the ludicrous title “Ant Noises”. This, it seems, is an anagram of the previous Brit Art extravaganza “Sensation”.

Having visited the show may I humbly suggest that a more fitting anagam of the word “sensation” might have been “Inane Toss”?

Cordial regards,

Vic Darkwood,
Findon, West Sussex

High Art Lite still my favourite book about this kind of thing. Well worth a read, if you haven’t already.

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