An Editor(ial Board Member) Writes…

PRESS RELEASE: Despite disinformation / misinformation (variously rubbish or nonsense) appearing on the Virtual so-called Stoa, reliable reports were today circulating on the internet that the splendid journal Imprints has just made its millionth sale. Seasoned observers and investment analysts were predicting a bid for the niche publication from the Murdoch empire, although Thailand’s Prime Minister Thaksin Shiniwatra is believed to be preparing a $65m bid, and Redrow Homes millionaire Steve Morgan is waiting in the wings….

Perhaps this manages to defy exclusive-and-exhaustive categories, qualifying as simultaneously splendid, rubbish and nonsense (much as baking a halfway decent cake with a friend can in certain circumstances count as being triply labour, work and action according to the classical Arendtian schema from The Human Condition). Martin? Any thoughts?

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