Tim Collins Watch

A friend writes to the Virtual Stoa:

Chris, Not your usual reading I’m sure but this month’s SFX features the very unlovely Member for Westmorland and Lonsdale.SFX features a column called ‘My Sci-Fi’ where vaguely famous people give their top SF film, TV show, book and character. Normally it’s comedians, tv presenters, and the like but because of this, it’s Tim Collins this month.

His answers to the last two questions are worth sharing:

Favourite sci-fi or fantasy book: “Apart from The Lord of the Rings, I’d nominate the hard SF sagas of Iain M Banks, including the superb Consider Phlebas. Ironic, really – he loathes Tories, apparently!”

[Apparently, indeed. Banks’s dislike of the Tories is well documented.]

Favourite sci-fi or fantasy hero: “The Doctor, of course. Mind you, not the pale pink pacifist some believe him to be. Rather the guy who fights evil and who mocks those who think you can strike a deal with it. The Donald Rumsfeld of the cosmos, not the Robin Cook!”

And thanks for sharing that with us, Tim.

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