Bark Bark Bark!

Melanie Phillips (who else?), in a post understatedly titled “Western Civilisation RIP“:

Destroying the Christian roots of European culture will not usher in a secular utopia where everyone will worship at the shrine of Blairism. It will create a philosophical and intellectual vacuum, an undefended cultural space, ripe for colonisation in particular by Islam, which has its eye firmly on this very opportunity…

Yes, it’s true. Those who don’t think it’s such a good idea to have explicit reference to Christianity in the European constitutional treaty are trying to bring about the aforementioned “secular utopia where everyone will worship at the shrine of Blairism”, but it is clear that they are in fact “intent on destroying the particular cultural basis of British and European society” so that — if they get their wicked way — that culture “will be swept away”.Wheee!

Good use of the word “neo-Jacobinism” in the bit at the end, though.

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