Joseph Raz, Bard

Silverdollarcircle Simon has been finding poetry in unlikely places: the index of one of Joseph Raz’s recent books, Engaging Reason:

amoralist’s apple tree
beautiful sunsets
Billy Budd
Chess club
Counting blades of grass
Gay marriages
Inuit face in beverly hills
Jane’s baby
Javanese jokes
Job application to Somali hospital
Just rate of tax
Keep smoking, stay witty
Learning to play the piano in retirement
New York jewish jokes
Promises and John’s cacti
Sacrificing your child for $1000 a year
Sylvia’s repeated door locking
Toddler on edge of road
Uncontrary Mary
Unfaithful husband’s photograph

Careful, Simon: this is the kind of thing that gets you a reputation among Guardian pop writers

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