Odd Fixation

Simon of the ever-excellent silverdollarcircle is attracting attention from the Guardian‘s pop writers, again. Regular readers will remember a piece by Rob Young on pop blogs last November which said of one blog that “a reverie on the latest ragga choons might be interrupted with an aside that begins: ‘For those of you interested in contemporary political philosophy…'” And a few days ago Alex Petridis discussed a chap called Wiley, and grime music, calling the fanbase for this kind of thing “comically polarised”:

At one extreme, its sonic experimentation has attracted the kind of people who run music blogs in which records are referred to as “texts” and lengthy essays are posted on such burning issues as the differentiation between Humean and Kantian views of motivation in the lyrics of Bonnie Prince Billy. At the other extreme, it is favoured by inner-city teens who appear to communicate entirely in an impenetrable mix of street slang and patois. “Gial like me can be flossin’ on dis rite ere,” offers one participant in a chatroom discussion about grime.

Simon in fact denies referring to records as “texts”. But it’s patently him flossin’ on dis rite ere, if that’s the right thing to say in grimespeak. Not sure.

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