The Issues That Matter

Reading celebrity gossip magazine heat (as one does) on the bus on the way back from the airport yesterday, I was intrigued to read on p.13 of this week’s edition the results of an opinion poll, apparently commissioned by the Evening Standard, which claimed that 8% of my fellow citizens were of the opinion that David Beckham’s adultery has “totally changed” their “faith in marriage”. Eight per cent. That’s a lot. British marriage is a more fragile institution than I thought.

And I read on the plane in Wednesday’s Daily Mail — “Does tap water threaten Britain’s unborn?”, or somesuch: straight out of the Daily Mail-o-Matic — that whilst 94% of Glenda Linda Lee-Potter’s correspondents thought Posh deserved our compassion, 41% of the Standard‘s sample blamed her — Posh, not Glenda Linda for the shenanigans. Both figures seem a little unreasonable, to say the least.

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