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My friend Martin, who is a philosopher, has three favourite words, or so it seems to me, which are “Splendid”, “Rubbish” and “Nonsense”. His partner Mary, who is also a philosopher, points out that this may be a legacy of logical positivism or perhaps emotivism: “Splendid” means something like, “This is coherent and I approve”; “Rubbish” means, “This is coherent and I disapprove”; and “Nonsense” means “This is incoherent”.

This seems to me to be a very sound basis for a new blogfeature. So let’s kick off with three verdicts.

Splendid: Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield (two runs on five hits in seven innings in a 6-2 victory over the Yankees at Fenway Park last night). Internet used bookselling (a copy of Maurice Halbwachs’ edition of and commentary on Du Contrat Social arrived today). Canon Jeffrey John (the gay ex-bishop, about to become Dean of St Albans).

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