Becks Text Sex

Earnest teenager Jade Farrington (OK, that’s a horrible thing to call anyone — I take it back) realises that she hasn’t been paying attention to the Adultery Drama That Is Gripping The Nation but goes on to ask, “Does anyone apart from the media and Beckham’s obsessives actually care?”

I’ve certainly been paying attention, as have many several of my friends. It’s too strong to say that we “actually care” about the welfare of any of the major protagonists — it’s difficult to care much about people caught up at the cash-accumulating epicentre of the media-sport-entertainment-industrial complex — but we have been entertained by the Becks texts sex saga, which certainly seems to me to be good clean fun.

If you need to catch up, then, there’s a good round-up of the first week of the story in the Guardian and a fine essay by VS-favourite Zoe Williams here. And the best piece yesterday was probably this one (registration required, possibly) in the Telegraph, which reads like a straightforward piece by a fashion writer but which was happily published on one of the “News” pages…

P.S. Note to Jade Farrington: What you need is a (free) subscription to Popbitch. Then you won’t miss anything in future that you really need to know.

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