Breakfast Serial

So within minutes of posting the final instalment of “The Soul of Man Under Socialism”, “Nyet to Barbie” Sarah pops up in the comments and asks what I’m going to do next, and suggests Debord’s Society of the Spectacle. (Quite a good choice: we could have one paragraph a day for the next 212 days or so: they’re all numbered.)

I’ve quite enjoyed preparing Wilde-by-instalment: the work of picking where the episode breaks come, cleaning up the rather fuzzy electronic text on which I based the serial and thinking a bit about some of the less well-known parts of the essay has had its own rewards. Some of the work has just been rather mechanical proof-reading, but I think that on balance the interesting work has outweighed the tedious stuff here.

But what I’d like to know more about is whether VS-readers have been paying attention. A couple of you have emailed to say you’ve been enjoying the Wilde in bite-sized chunks. I guess that others have scrolled rapidly past instalments to see if there’s anything original underneath. How (if at all) did you engage with the Wilde text? If I did another text, would you prefer more by way of editorial commentary, or just let whatever text it was speak for itself? Another essay in segments, or something longer but filleted? Any opinions — and further thoughts about what else, if anything, to post in this space — would be particularly welcome, either in the comments below or by private email.


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