Bob Dylan, Again

Norm has crunched yet more numbers coming out of his scientific attempt to calculate the greatest Bob Dylan songs ever based on the preference functions of some of the people who read and write on blogs:

What are Bob Dylan’s finest albums? If the question interests you at all, you’re likely to have your own view, but it occurred to me to have a look and see what guidance might be had from the results of the normblog best songs poll. This is only a loose indication, of course, because no one was voting for albums as such in that poll, and also because I don’t have the time or patience to collate all the votes that came in for all the songs. But putting together the votes for the songs that made the top 53 shows four albums way out in front of the rest.

And these four are, perhaps unsurprisingly, Bringing It All Back Home (1965), Highway 61 Revisited (1965), Blonde On Blonde (1966), and — his own favourite (and one of mine) — Blood On The Tracks (1975).A “loose indication” indeed: as I’ve already said before, probably more than once on this blog, easily the best Bob Dylan album is John Wesley Harding, even though none of the individual songs on that record made it into my top four, or into Norm’s top fifty three…

UPDATE [11.4.2004]: Norm emails to say “”All Along The Watchtower” was ninth and “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” was one of the songs with three votes – both off John Wesley Harding. I don’t know… I slave over the results and you don’t even study them properly…” He’s right, I’m wrong (again), what can I say? I’ll pay more attention in future.

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