Public Service Announcement

My friend and colleague Mike Smithson has recently launched his new Political Betting site, which I dare say will be of interest to some of the regular readers of the Virtual Stoa, with lots of discussion of opinion polls and that kind of thing. It’ll probably be quite good, and it looks sufficiently bloglike that I’ll stick it on the blogroll.

I don’t make bets on politics terribly often myself, though I won �40 once upon a time in a College sweepstake by picking the right number of Tory MEPs to survive the disaster (for them, not for me) of the 1994 Euro-elections. (My win in the end came thanks to the intervention of Richard Huggett and his “Literal Democrats” down in Cornwall or wherever.) More recently, I lost a bottle of wine to Mike after wrongly predicting the outcome of the Brent East by-election, ho hum, so no more bets for a bit.

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