The Masterplan

It’s easier to steal other people’s posts than to write my own, especially when they’re so much funnier than anything I could come up with. I think that Backword Dave has worked out what’s really going on:

I can reveal the true horror of al-Qaeda’s plans. They do, indeed, intend to bring down Western civilisation. As with 9/11, they plan to use our own technology, our trusting nature, and our culture against us. The plan is simple: with only a few attacks (they probably only have a few handfuls of men) they generate news, this news in turn generates comment, the comment stirs up the blogosphere. Bloggers write posts. Other people comment, then write their own. In a matter of days, civilisation grinds to a halt while nobody does any work at all, being too busy arguing with each other.Not with a bang, but a whimper.

As he concludes, this is “utterly, utterly fiendish”.UPDATE [11.30am]: Matthew Turner is on the case: “Indeed in the three years before InstaPundit started blogging (taking him as the first (no emails please)) US gdp growth averaged 4.2% a year. In the three years since it has been 1.9%.”

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