Mark Steyn on Spain is Mostly Quite Insane…

It’s not often that I lift other people’s posts in toto for republication at the Stoa (usually it’s just essays by Oscar Wilde, that kind of thing). But I liked this piece by Chris Bertram over at Crooked Timber, it seems to follow on nicely from the posts and the discussion below, and it’s funny.

If there were a British general election tomorrow I’d probably vote Labour, as I nearly always have done. I�d think about Iraq, the “war on terror”, Northern Ireland, the EU constitution, asylum seekers, taxes, prisons, higher education policy, Tony Blair, poverty, the environment, local government and a whole host of things. And I’d probably still vote Labour. If there were a terrorist attack which killed 200 of my compatriots, and the government, suspecting Al-Quaida, chose nevertheless to spin a story that the Real IRA were to blame, I might, just might, change my mind. But I’d still probably vote Labour. I certainly wouldn’t take kindly to commentators from other countries — themselves basically ignorant of my country’s politics and history — telling me that my task, in casting my vote, is to “send a message” to Osama bin Laden or anyone else. I’d be upset if such pundits told me that voting other than they way they recommended amounted to dishonouring the dead. And if a Spanish person, encountering such a commentator were to punch them on the nose, I’m not saying they’d be right, but I’d understand.

Does anyone take Steyn seriously any more? (I think some people did once. But no more, surely?) And — if there are any Telegraph watchers out there: will Steyn disappear from the Telegraph‘s pages when the sale goes through, along with the current editor (who seems useless) and Barbara Amiel, or will we have them around for longer?

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