Let the Barking Begin…

(Actually, the barking’s been going on for quite a while now, and the echo-chamber’s becoming quite oppressive.) Over on the other side of the Atlantic, MaxSpeak reads drivel so you don’t have to. Below are a few links to some of the more diverse contributions from the right-wing Brit-bloggers…

Leading the way, Andrew Sullivan: “BIN LADEN’S VICTORY IN SPAIN: It’s a spectacular result for Islamist terrorism, and a chilling portent of Europe’s future…”

Laban Tall, by contrast, reckons it was a “Victory for Murder“: “Whether or not the Madrid bombings turn out to have been the work of Islamic terrorists, the results of the Spanish elections will undoubtedly be seen by Al Quaeda as a sign that Western democracies don’t have the stomach for the fight”.

For Peter Cuthbertson, on the other hand, it was “A terrible day for democracy” Why? Because “The aftermath of mass murder ought to be a time when ordinary, decent people recover their inherent sense of moral absolutism and feel an unshakeable determination for the ruthless assertion of justice.” OK. And what does that make the Spanish electorate? They are “selfish, myopic dupes”.

And, finally, Melanie Phillips, of course, is a commentator who is well-known for her balanced, nuanced judgements. She calls it a “Victory for terror“. “The Spanish general election result is a disaster. The Spanish have reacted to the atrocity in Madrid by dumping a government that was committed to fight terror and replacing it by a government that will appease it. Eleven million Spaniards took to the streets last weekend to show their solidarity in the face of terror, and two days later voted to abase themselves before it. Al Q’aeda could not have more perfectly choreographed a result that serves its cause…”

Perhaps Chris Lightfoot or the guy who wrote the Daily Mail headline generator could write a useful Rightwing-Bloggerage Generator to save us all time in the future?

UPDATE [10.30pm]: Graham (see comments) points us all towards this very useful site which might one day replace Sullivan, Tall, Cuthbertson, Phillips et al. Thanks, Graham.

UPDATE [16.3.2004]: Peter Cuthbertson rightly notes in the comments that he only ever said that those “who let the events of 3/11 swing their vote in favour of the party they thought would antagonise Bin Laden less” were SMDs, not the entire electorate. Apologies.

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