The answer is blowin’ in the wind

Until April, at least. Because it’s normblog poll time again: this month’s poll is to harness the collective intellect of the internet — or, at least, the blog-reading bit of it — in order definitively to establish the identity of the best Bob Dylan songs that Bob Dylan ever wrote…

Well, it’s “Like A Rolling Stone”, isn’t it?

But there will, no doubt, be intense competition for the runner-up slots, and these not-quite-contests always generate good bloggerage. I’ve already dug my old LP copy of John Wesley Harding out of the back of the cupboard, and you can do the same (assuming that you have both an old LP copy of JWH, and a cupboard).

Get your entries in early and often — five choices each, 31 March deadline, email address here — and be a part of this month-long humanitarian intervention that will help to distract Norm from the contents of the Guardian‘s op-ed page…

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