Distilled Nonsense

Jamie, over at Blood and Treasure, has been reading the words of Paul “The Thinker” Richards on the honours system:

The overall impression is as if the Guardian had conducted a thought experiment in which a sufficiently medicated schizophrenic was offered a chance to set forth his vision of reform of the honours system, or if a number of linguists had elaborated a beta version of a means of back translation out of powerpoint. And it would be wrong to say that the article is unique. It’s more an exemplar of what passes for ideas formation amongst the managerial class as a whole, a distillation of the kind of nonsense spouted every day in local authorities, boardrooms, NGO’s and perhaps the newer of our less-esteemed universities.

Well, we disagree there. I’m reluctant to treat the scribblings of Paul “The Thinker” Richards as symptomatic of the thinking of an entire class, and prefer to personalise things a bit more. As Jamie and others have probably noticed…

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